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“One-stop shopping—ABSOLUTELY!  I'm so fortunate that Kay has been my personal trainer, health/wellness coach, and mindful eating facilitator.  The knowledge and tools that I've acquired from coaching and mindful eating are priceless! My personal training sessions have aided in weight loss and overall good health. She's also a mentor, innovator, nurturer, and advisor—a true gem.  I've two words for Kay, ‘thank you!'"
~ Connie L., Raleigh, NC

"Kay is one of the best trainers that I know. She is very knowledgeable, always current with the latest in exercise science and nutrition, and keenly insightful and attentive with her clients. Kay is profound and motivating in her instruction whether it be in personal training or in her leadership in the Am I Hungry?® program. As a fellow personal trainer and a participant in her Am I Hungry?® program, I have learned so much from Kay. Kay is an inspirational speaker and teacher that will change your life and help you reach your goals. She is excellent!"
~ Beth Elder, Personal Trainer

"Kay Joyner's leadership of Mindful Eating is the best thing to happen to weight loss and health gain since water. She takes a wonderful approach to peace with food and personal health and uses group dynamics to magnify its effect.  I quickly came to look forward to our weekly sessions and share the progress of my new friends. I highly recommend Kay guiding your steps to better health."
~ Harry P., Raleigh, NC

"K is a very thoughtful, sensitive, thorough trainer. I appreciate that she asked me what my goals are and then designed a program that specifically matched my desires. K didn't just listen to what I said. K listened to my heart. That is a special talent!!!!!"
~ Dr. Cheryl Hanly, DC Chiropractor, Creedmoor Wellness Center

"I have had the privilege of working with Kay for over 3 years. She incorporates her unique gifts as a life coach with each personal training session. Kay has an intelligent and highly intuitive approach to the fitness and over-all well-being of her clients. You will not regret the time spent working with her."
~ Rebecca Kremidas

"Kay has a talent for motivation unlike any I've ever seen and could encourage me to continue to challenge myself in just the right way. She helped me achieve fitness goals I never could have reached on my own. The bonus was that she approached our time together from a whole-person angle in which we not only worked out but talked about eating, stress management, and my health in general. Thanks Kay!"
~ Tracy, Durham, NC

“ K Joyner has clearly walked the walk she seeks to share with others via this class.  The blend of her knowledge and guidance with AIH's unique and wise materials provides a learning experience that takes participants beyond the theoretical, into concrete methods for change and growth.”
~ Jenny L., Chapel Hill, NC

"K was my personal trainer for three years and really got me into shape.  What was different about her is that she took the time to understand my unique needs and capabilities and tailored my workouts--with variety--to suit me. She also focused on stretching which was a particular need of mine.  She also became my coach and helped me establish a nutrition, fitness, and stretching plan that I could stick to to keep my life balanced. I recommend her highly."
~Valarie Z.


For more information, please contact me at 919-612-8151 or kay@wakingupwell.com.

Reviewed/Updated: May 21, 2016