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A Message From Michelle May, MD, founder of Am I Hungry?®

The last week in December is the time when many of us begin looking forward to the fresh start of a new year. We might set goals to clear out clutter, clean up our act, or create a life we love - but as we are often reminded, most resolutions will be just a distant memory by February.

So why are most resolutions doomed to fail? As you'll learn in this short video, it's because most people make a critical mistake...

Learning about TFAR literally changed my life! Once I finally understood that following a diet was merely an action that didn't address the underlying thoughts and beliefs that drove my habits, I stopped making resolutions that were doomed to fail.

For more information about the 'Am I Hungry®' program, please click on the Mindful Eating page.

Posted Date: December 26, 2016


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Reviewed/Updated: December 26, 2016